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300K @andi_bagus Instagram Followers = 300 Free Bikinis!


To thank you and celebrate 300,000 followers on our Instagram, we are doing the biggest giveaway ever and are giving free bikinis with the next 300 orders.

Just use the code FREEBIKINI at the checkout with any purchase! We will randomly select a bikini from our existing stock and pack it with your order.

Now head over to our shop already! 


Terms and conditions: By using the code 'FREEBIKINI' with any purchase at , the next 300 orders will receive a free randomly selected bikini. The customer will not get to choose style, colour, or size of the free bikini, but the free bikini will be randomly selected from the existing Andi Bagus stock - you might just get a 'one off' Andi Bagus bikini if you get lucky!

The orders using the code 'FREEBIKINI' are non-refundable - we will not accept returns with this discount being used.




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