As any clothing brand that grows, creates nice designs and has people liking their products, we too have unfortunately started seeing an increasing number of counterfeit copies of our original designs.



For a small handicraft label like us, this is extremely sad, and while we simply don't have the resources to be fighting against all the people creating poor quality copies of our designs, we would like to advise everyone against falling into buying the China-made copies. 

At Andi Bagus, we put an enormous amount of time to designing and perfecting each design we release, and make sure they are of best quality we can deliver, and fit well. Our team of talented artisans in Bali, spend hours each day creating these pieces for you under nice and fair working conditions. 



On top of that, we collaborate with super talented models and photographers to create nice images of our designs - and these images are being stolen among the original design to market the poorly made copies. 

When buying fakes, you will have no idea who made the product and how they were treated. You are likely to receive a poorly made product, that is far from the original, handmade Andi Bagus design. Sometimes these websites don't even send you anything at all.


We sell our products exclusively at and take pride of the quality designs we create for you.


We hope you steer clear of the people and companies who are making copies, and also appreciate if you report to us if you see companies selling products that appear to be copies of our designs. You can let us know about possible infringements at and it will be greatly appreciated. 


Bagus Times

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