Happy Earth Day! 

From the introduction of environmentally friendly packaging, to the commitment to slow fashion practices, here are some examples of how we are working towards a more sustainable future:

- Our products are locally made and support crafts and community.

- We focus on handmade, unique and artistic pieces rather than fast mass production.

- We use eco-friendly materials such as our EcoPoly lycra which is created using significantly less environmental resources such as water. Our VITA and eco-sustainable terry lycra are made from ocean waste such as used fishing nets, carpet fluff, tulle etc.

- We are opting to remove the use of all plastic in our workplace, re-packaging with environmentally sustainable materials.

- Our staff are treated like family, with fair pay, healthy work conditions and access to a range of services through our company.

- Up-cycle materials by using vintage coins, beads and fabrics in our new designs.

- Donating to charity : We love our community in Bali and assist numerous charities and individuals in crisis.

Bagus Times

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