Do you ever wonder who all the beautiful girls on @andi_bagus Instagram are and where they come from? Besides all the lovely customer-sent pictures, and amazing captures from bloggers, creatives, models and influencers from all around the world, we at Andi Bagus cooperate with many photographers and models and constantly create more memories.


During the past five years (and the over 10,000 pictures shared just on our Instagram @andi_bagus) we have seen hundreds if not thousands of different amazing people wearing Andi Bagus. Some of them, however, have gotten featured on our page more often than others.

One of our all time favourites, Jasmine @jazminegiles has been on board since the early days, and continues to deliver amazing pictures one after another. She seems to be constantly on the move, and you never know which part of the world you might reach her from. We had a little online chat with Jasmine, and found out that in the beginning of August, 2017 Spain is the place to be!



Welcome to my humble abode, or beach shack if you will. Jazmine wears Bellini One Piece.

Hi Jasmine! How are you?

Hey! I'm doing rather well since the blazing heat in Alicante, Spain, has finally dimmed down a little over these past few days.


Hot days like these... Jazmine enjoying the beach life in Bali to the fullest wearing Dangerous Velour Bikini.

You've spent a lot of time in Bali / Indonesia in the past: what is that you love about it over there?

The nightlife in Bali gives you quite an ecstatic feeling. However, even if Bali is growing to be a bit more of a concrete jungle due to increase of tourism, Bali still has many beautiful untouched landscapes. That's something I believe we should admire, and it's definitely something that I love. The Indonesian culture and the Balinese culture are also unbelievably beautiful. Whether you're religious or not, the Hindu culture in Bali can be seen in the daily life and should be well respected and celebrated. The rituals are undeniably mesmerising to see!


Culture, nightlife, empty beaches and beautiful villas. Jazmine wears Ombak Bikini. Captured by Riccardo Ulpts.

You were among some of the first girls to shoot with Andi Bagus. Do you still remember the first time you modelled for Andi Bagus? How did it go?

I remember it vividly! I was 15 or 16, I think, when I did my first shoot with Andi. Andi has a beautiful home so she decided to take the pictures in her backyard and around her house. I remember being incredibly shy but Andi has such a warm heart, and she was really supportive as well as comforting so I eventually loosened up.


"I eventually loosened up." Hanging at the old Bagus storage room.
We are quite sure this was taken and edited well before SnapChat filters were invented. Setting trends!!!


Describe your idea of a perfect beach day...

Ascending stairs leading to a beautiful isolated beach. The sun in the crystal clear blue sky, white thin sand, by the turquoise blue water. A perfect "Blue Lagoon" type of surrounding. That would be a perfect beach day to me!


Jazmine looking for the blue lagoon wearing a top from The Bamboo Set. While in Bali, you might just find her on a remote beach, or dancing the night away at one of the nicer music venues.


The rumour has it that Jazmine is off to take on some medical / psychological studies at a well-acknowledged University somewhere in Europe. We wish you the best of luck with your new adventures and can't wait to see some of your Europe pics!


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