What started with a passion and love of creativity, became an internationally recognised business with loyal customers all over the world.

Female artist Andi, with expertise and knowledge in textures and colours pushes the boundaries of swimwear and continually creates innovative and glorious new designs. Andi sees no limits with crochet and constantly discovers ways to develop the method to make one-off couture pieces that are accessible to all.   

Taking an ancient art that first started in the 1500’s where it was worked by nuns for church textiles, Andi appreciated the craft and quickly turned it in to something that’s more modern, interesting and desirable. At the moment crochet is a huge trend, but when the business started very few designers were taking the skill and using it to its best advantage.




In Bali it is easy to find inspiration everywhere in nature, from the tropical island, jungle, beaches and world renown sunsets. Operating with a great respect for the country we produce in, the people, the beliefs and the values, Andi recognised the unique talents and skill in the local community and began employing gifted craftsman and artisans that have become like family. From the very beginning until now we have worked with the same Balinese families and businesses, watching them grow and prosper doing something they love and are acknowledged for.


andrea_loel_painting_bali_art         andrea_loel_painting_art      

Some of Andi's incredible artwork inspired by Bali. 


We are a multi-cultural business that has a staff primarily of women. Work days are spent laughing and enjoying every aspect of the creative process with workers always being shown fair treatment, flexible working hours, good pay and excellent working conditions.


As the business grew, so too did the creatives involved. Working with models and photographers from all over the world, each bringing their own artistry and expressiveness to help bring the designs to life. Before our eyes a perfect storm of personalities, creatives and business minds just sort of amassed. We have been lucky enough to work with Sports Illustrated for many years and in this time we have found the creative collaboration to be truly inspiring and a perfect fit with Bagus, breaking the barriers for females and swimwear!


Andi Bagus was not created based on a business model nor financial gain, but rather organically flourished out of pure love and passion for design. We believe when you love something it shows, and this can be seen in every aspect of our creations. Andi is so proud of everything she has built. There is not a day that Andi walks out of the office without feeling proud for creating a happy and positive place.



Our Andi Bagus family. 

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