We at Andi Bagus are lucky to have a constantly growing family of young and talented people around us. Recently, a group of our friends took a trip to the mind-bendingly beautiful archipelago of Flores to enjoy the sun, endless deserted beaches, stunning views, and world class diving sites.

We quickly caught up with a video maker Rory Brown about the trip and the amazing video edit the group of happy explorers came back with (scroll to the end of the post to see the video).



With views like this, Flores is one of the most picturesque locations in the whole world. Nathalya wears Peony Bikini in Baby Blue - photo by Andrew Myers


Hi Rory, we're absolutely stunned how beautiful the video from your Flores trip is. How would you describe the area of Flores you visited in short?

Flores has to be one of the most unique and breath-taking places I have ever been in the world.. The islands are like something out of a Lord of the Rings film, dry landscapes surrounded by pristinely clear waters, sand islands and pinks sand beaches.. It's like a different planet really. You pretty much pinch yourself every second you are there.


Just wow!  Who were on board with you?

We had an awesome crew for this trip: 2 models and 4 creatives. Nathalya Cabral and Erin Paton bringing the drop dead gorgeous looks, Matty Ower - photographer/videographer, Sion Yates - photographer, Andrew Myers - photographer and myself (Rory Brown) - videographer/photographer.

We had 3 drones, 3 GoPro5's with dome housing, 4 Sony mirrorless cameras, all shooting at the same time, which ended to be a total of 1 terabyte of footage to go through when we got back!

Now try turning all that footage into a 1 minute video! 😩


We love the final edit! Shooting videos of pretty girls in Andi Bagus bikinis, exploring some of the most beautiful locations in the world doesn't sound like the worst thing to be doing with your time. What was the highlight of this journey for you?

Haha it's a tough gig but someone has to do it! Honestly, we were laughing at each other constantly pinching ourselves on how lucky we were to be on such trip!

The highlight for me was definitely waking up at 3am, motoring 4hrs through the archipelago to hike up a hill on the stunning Padar Island for sunrise. The view from the top was just incredible; it was like looking back at Mordor from Lord of the Rings. We could have stayed there and just stared at the views all day.. The island itseld is amazing too. You can see about four beach on different sides, all with different colour sand. Pink, white, black cobble stones - it was bizarre!



Sailing around the Flores Sea is one of the best ways of exploring the area. Nathalya wears Becca Bikini, Erin is wearing Heatwave Bikini - photo by Andrew Myers


One more question: Where to next? 

We have so many plans when it comes to adventuring. We are going to be sailing a boat from Bali to Raja Empat, and then have been invited to come film a Maldives style resort which is built on a sand bar in the middle of the ocean up that way. After that I have something super special to adventure too. About four months ago, I found an island in Indonesia that could possibly rival Flores for its uniqueness and beauty.. I've done lots of research on it and kept it very much a secret as the Instagram world has not discover it...

Yet.. So I guess everyone is just going to have to keep their eyes peeled on Andi Bagus Instagram and blog to find out where we go next!!


Thanks for the interview Rory, we're looking forward to more adventures. Now let's see the video!


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