Say good bye to our old shop - and say welcome to

It's official and we're very excited! It took us a long while to get this new website up and running but now we are finally live. 



 We have so many products that our old site didn't even allow listing them all - surf through the new site and you'll find styles and pieces you probably didn't know even existed!


What we really love about this new site (besides being able to show more pictures of our bikinis and other pieces) is that you can now Shop Our Instagram feed - make sure to take a look!


If you would like to help us a little, and have a blog or a website linking to our old store, we would absolutely love it if you could add a link or two to this new site, so that people will start finding us again.


Our old shop at will remain functional for a little while but this new site is where you want to shop at from now on!

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